Conformal coating

Spray Art offers conformal coating for PCB assemblies and large electronic components.

Conformal coating is a resin-based compound which provides protection from a variety of electrical and environmental conditions, including current leakage, arcing, humidity, thermal shock, and fungal attack.

Conformal coats are generally categorized into four resin types:  acrylic, epoxy, urethane, and silicone. Each type has varying degrees of static dissipation, dielectric properties, flexibility, adhesion, and resistance to heat, humidity, and chemicals.

Spray Art has a dedicated ESD-controlled facility for conformal coating application on PCB’s, electronic components, and in a variety of other applications. Conformal coating is a liquid insulating coat that seals and protects the substrate from humidity, arcing, fungus, etc

comformal coating

All our conformal coating meets the requirements of MIL-I-46058 / IPC-CC-830B, with ESD control per ANSI-ESD-S.2020.

comformal coating2

Spray Art provides:

  • Excellent quality
  • Quick turnaround
  • Competitive pricing
  • Certification of Conformance to IPC-CC-830B and MIL-I-46058
  • A clean, electrostatically-controlled facility:ANSI ESD S20.20, Level 0-1
  • Air filtration to 0.5 Microns
  • Adherence to all EPA and OSHA requirements